Haribo vs. Trolli: The Ultimate Gummy Showdown

Hello, gummy aficionados! Welcome back to The Gummi Gazette. If you’re as obsessed with gummy candy as we are, you’ve undoubtedly encountered the two titans of the gummy world: Haribo and Trolli. Both brands have a dedicated fan base and a wide range of offerings, but which one truly reigns supreme? In today’s article, we put these brands head-to-head in the ultimate gummy showdown.


Haribo, founded in 1920 in Germany, is often credited with inventing the first gummy bears. Trolli, established more than five decades later in 1975, is a German-American brand known for its fun shapes and innovative flavors. While both brands offer classic gummy bear options, they also have other unique and popular products that set them apart.

Flavor Complexity


Haribo’s flavors tend to be more on the traditional side, offering simple yet refined tastes like cherry, lemon, and orange. Their Gold-Bears, for instance, provide a satisfyingly classic flavor profile.


Trolli, on the other hand, loves to experiment. From its Sour Brite Crawlers to its bizarre but delightful Weird Beards, Trolli often delivers a multi-flavored punch in each gummy.

Winner: Trolli

If you’re a fan of adventurous flavors, Trolli takes the cake.

Texture and Chewiness


Haribo gummies are generally firmer and offer a chewier experience. This can be either a plus or a minus, depending on your texture preferences.


Trolli gummies are softer and easier to chew, often melting in your mouth a bit quicker than Haribo’s options.

Winner: Tie

Texture preferences are subjective, so we’re calling this one a draw!

Variety and Innovation


Haribo has a wide range of products, but they often stick to traditional shapes like bears and cola bottles. Their offerings do include licorice and marshmallow-based products, though.


Trolli is all about imagination, from gummy worms and octopi to their more experimental shapes like burger and hotdog gummies.

Winner: Trolli

For those who love variety and trying new shapes, Trolli is the brand for you.

Price Point


Haribo’s products are generally more affordable, offering a high-quality product at a reasonable price.


Trolli’s gummies often come at a slightly higher price point, especially their specialized shapes and flavors.

Winner: Haribo

For budget-conscious consumers, Haribo is the way to go.


Choosing between Haribo and Trolli is a matter of personal preference. If you love classic flavors and a chewier texture, Haribo is your go-to. If you crave innovation in both shape and taste, Trolli is the brand for you. Or, if you’re like us, keep enjoying both for different moods and occasions!

Stay tuned for more brand reviews and all things gummy here at The Gummi Gazette!