The Ultimate Guide to Gummy Shapes and Sizes

Welcome back to The Gummi Gazette, your one-stop destination for all things gummy! In our last article, we delved into the basic ingredients that make up our favorite chewy treats. Today, let’s take a journey into the wonderful world of gummy shapes and sizes. From classic bears to serpentine worms, there’s a whole universe of gummy forms waiting to be explored!


One of the joys of gummy candy is the variety it comes in. No longer are you confined to simple bear shapes; gummy manufacturers have gotten creative over the years, introducing a wide array of shapes, sizes, and even textures. But have you ever wondered if these shapes affect the gummy experience? Let’s find out!

Classic Shapes

Gummy Bears

The quintessential gummy shape, and arguably the most recognized, is the bear. Compact and cute, gummy bears provide a satisfying bite without overwhelming the palate.

Gummy Worms

Longer and often coated in a dusting of sour sugar, gummy worms offer a different kind of chewy experience, often with multiple flavors in a single worm.

Gummy Rings

Frequently seen in peach or apple flavors, these ring-shaped gummies often come with a sugary or sour coating and are perfect for fitting around your fingertip before taking a bite.

Specialty Shapes

Fruit Slices, Sharks, and Dinosaurs

From citrus slices to menacing sharks and adorable dinosaurs, specialty shapes often align with themed parties or seasonal releases. The complexity of the shapes can also add a new texture profile.

Alphabet Gummies

Educational and delicious, alphabet-shaped gummies are a hit among kids and are often used as fun teaching tools.

International Shapes

Kasugai Gummy (Japan)

These often come in a circular shape and are individually wrapped, offering flavors that are unique to Japanese cuisine like lychee and yuzu.

Haribo Licorice Wheels (Europe)

Popular in European countries, these wheel-shaped gummies have a more dense and chewy texture, offering a different kind of gummy experience.

Does Shape Affect Flavor and Texture?

Believe it or not, the shape of a gummy can impact its flavor and texture. Smaller shapes tend to have a quicker burst of flavor, while larger shapes offer a prolonged chew. The surface area exposed to coatings like sour sugar can also vary, affecting the overall taste experience.


The variety in gummy shapes and sizes adds an extra layer of fun to the already delightful experience of enjoying these chewy treats. Whether you’re a purist who sticks to bears or an adventurer eager to try the latest dinosaur-shaped delight, there’s a gummy shape for everyone.

Stay tuned for more delectable insights into the world of gummies here at The Gummi Gazette!